Beach and surfing

Sun, sea, waves and wind make a windsurf lover’s heart beat faster. De Holle Poarte is located directly near the IJsselmeer where the wind will make enthusiastic wind- and kite surfers  skim over the water. But it is also the ideal place for less experienced surfers, due to the knee-deep water that goes on for hundreds of meters into the IJsselmeer. And if the wind should fail, it is an ideal location for supping.

Strand & surfen


Dogs are always welcome, on the condition that you keep them on a lead. Dogs are not allowed on the beach from 15 April till 30 September . They are allowed on the boulevard all year round, provided they  are kept on a lead. Next to the campsite is a nature reserve where you can walk your dog.

Kite surfing

Makkum is the perfect place to learn how to kitesurf, because the water is just knee-deep for hundreds of meters off the coast. Kitesurfing is allowed in Makkum from 1 October till 1 May. From 1 May till 1 October you can kitesurf at nearby Kornwerderzand.