House regulations

In order to keep the campsite liveable and everybody’s stay pleasant there are a number of rules which you need to abide by.


  • Every camper needs to check in at the reception before setting up a tent, caravan or mobile home. At check in you will receive a card which needs to be placed visible on the dashboard of your car/unit. A caravan can have a maximum length of 7 meters including tow bar.


  • The management accepts no liability, subject to the law, for accidents, theft or damages on the grounds of the Recreation Centre. This also applies to a third party.
  • Campers are responsible for their visitors’ compliance with the regulations. Parents are responsible and liable for the behaviour of their children.
  • Campers who cause damage, are obliged to pay compensation.

Behaviour on site

You are to be quiet at the Recreation Centre between 11pm and 7am (the barriers will be deactivated during this time). You are not to use motorised vehicles on the site during this time.

  • You are to use a television or radio in such a way that you will not cause nuisance to other campers.
  • Pruning work to trees, hedges, shrubs etc. is only allowed after permission from employees of the Recreation Centre.
  • Open fires, in any form, are prohibited.
  • The digging of water trench drains around tents or caravans is prohibited.
  • You are required to dispose of you refuse by taking it to the compactor located at the parking area behind the reception. To open, insert your barrier pass. Glass and paper need to be put into the dedicated containers which are located behind the reception as well.
  • Do not use the washing facilities to do your dishes and do not use the toilets to dispose of wastewater and the like.
  • Children under the age of 6 are at all times to be accompanied by parents when using the sanitary facilities.
  • At your departure you are to make sure that your pitch is clean.

Motorised transport

  • The maximum speed for all vehicles on the site is 5km per hour (footpace).
  • Motor scooters and motor bikes are only permitted on the site with the engine shut off. The beach, boulevard and pier are prohibited for motor bikes, scooters and cars.
  • One car is allowed per pitch.


  • Dog owners are to keep their dogs on a lead at all times (lead of 2m maximum). You are to talk the dog for are walk outside the recreation Centre and droppings are to be cleared up by the owner and put in the dedicated bins.
  • No dogs are allowed on the beach form April up to and including October. They are allowed on the boulevard if kept on a lead.


  • It is prohibited to place an LPG tank , so-called auto gas tank, next to your caravan.
  • All gas installations are to meet the legal requirements.
  • All forms of advertising or sales are, besides the designated places, not allowed without written permission.
  • Registered guests are allowed to use the boat ramp without payment. Third parties are to report at the reception first.
  • For cruising areas for motor boats we refer you to the guidelines of the ANWB (Dutch AA).On the waters between the sites of the Recreation Centre only paddling and rowing is allowed.
  • Jet skis, trikes and quads are not allowed.
  • Possession, selling and using drugs is prohibited at Recreation Centre De Holle Poarte. At violation the violators will be removed from Recreation Centre De Holle Poarte without a refund.
  •  The management is authorised to, by failure to observe the rules, remove a person from the Recreation Centre or to deny access to the Recreation Centre.
  • As far as this is not expressly deviated, the Recron conditions apply. These are available at the reception.
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